The Texas Lone Star Tartan was created in 2012 by Lanora Davidson. It is registered with the Scottish Tartan Board, and is manufactured in Scotland, by House of Edgar.

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We do have Lone Star Tartan fabric available for purchase! It is woven in 13 ounce wool, and the price is $80 per yard. The fabric measures approximately 57 inches wide. Call us at 1-888-921-9529 if you would like to order fabric.


Inspired by the bold colors of the Texas state flag, the Lone Star Tartan colors represent blue for loyalty, white for purity, and red for bravery. Lanora remembered the flag on the stage of her school auditorium had a halo of gold fringe, and added a touch of gold to this tartan.

Lanora Davidson is a fifth generation Texan of Scottish decent and the owner of Things Celtic in Austin, TX. Her Texan ancestors have included ranchers, bankers, roughnecks, teachers, preachers and politicians. Things Celtic has been selling Scottish and Irish imports since 1997, and is now the exclusive source for the Texas Lone Star Tartan.